Php Spamassassin Checker

Php Spamassassin Checker
I need a custom-written PHP function that checks the content of outgoing messages. The script should be able to read Spamassassin ruleset files, and search the message for words, phrases, and other content that might cause it to be recognized as SPAM.

The checker will be implemented into a mailing program, so it only needs to check the subject and body. It does not need to have any of the other advanced features of Spamassassin, such as learning new rules from user input.

The function should return an integer for the number of rule violations in the message. The name of each rule violated should be passed by reference in an array. For example, “FS_AT_NO_COST” and “FRT_WEIGHT2” are two names of Spamassassin rule names. These names would be in the Spamassassin ruleset files.

The function should be in the following format:

$violations = check_spam($subject, $body, &$violations);

Other than the ruleset files, this function should be independent of Spamassassin and not require that Spamassassin be installed on the server. The ruleset files would be uploaded to another folder, so the script just needs to access that folder and gather all the ruleset files inside when checking a message.

I would need exclusive ownership of the finished code for this project.

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