Simple Php Changes 2

Simple Php Changes 2

my raffic exchange makes each new user surf 1000 sites to recieve there initial credit bonus

I need you to add a function to the admin area where i can change the numer of sites needed to surf to recieve there initial signup bonus


job 2
update admin area to do the following
add content boxes (text area form) that can be editied from the admin area to update the content of a txt file

each content box must update its own txt file

content box 1 will update file surfbar_left.txt
content box must have the option to save and delete information in the surfbar_left.txt file

code must be placed in the surf bar to call the contents of surfbar_left.txt file

from what i have read something like
<?php echo getad(‘surfbar_left.txt’); ?>
but i need many of these where as i can edit through my admin area that will update each individual file so i can call selected ad files for perticular locations of my site

********image has been added to show the type of content box i am referring to that can be edited in the admin area to show the content in another location on the site*************

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