Currency Converting Website 2

Currency Converting Website 2
eMobi Currency Exchange.

Basically this is what i want, i want to sell my customers Webmoney and the method of payment to myself is via Premium rate SMS, the gateway who i have chosen is impulsepay and they have been very helpful, they said relevant coding API can be got from their website or the programmers can call them direct for any futher info needed.

I want a basic account system (CMS) where customer can join the website, very simple like choosing a username , email , password etc and this allows them to join my service. After that they have to credit their account , to do this they can do it through sms in amounts of £2 , £5 , £10 , £20 or £30 and after they choose the amount they pay the sms gateway and once the transaction is verified they get the payment instant on their eMobi Account.

The amount they get can depend on the exchange rate for example £10 will get them 7$ of WMZ (webmoney Funds). If possible if the programmer can then set up an instant funding where from the customers eMobi account they can get WMZ Sent instantly that would be great if not i can do this manually. I know alot of service where WMZ can be fuinded immediatly.

I have a small budget , i already have webhosting and the domain ready.

Design and logo to be made aswell simple design would be fine just has to relate to what we do… instant mobile currency exchange.

Would Prefer Good english speaker and if possible when winning bidder is selected MSN Contact preferred.

Need someone to start ASAP!

Good prices will be considered candidate chosen will be the person who will be adding extra features on e.g paypal function , other payment methods etc.

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