Ajax Search Information Pop- 2

Ajax Search Information Pop- 2
We have an existing website with a large amount of text data and an existing search system using the sphinx search. (http://www.sphinxsearch.com/)

It is installed and working well. We want to add a window that pops up using javascript and ajax that displays a list of the available words in the database as one types the words, and displays a representation of the search terms, the number of hits for them, and the number of hits for the query as it is typed. Please see the attached .jpg file for what this will look like.

This will require a php server-side script that does the searches with the sphinx search and communicates the results via ajax to a javascript script in browser that displays the results.

This requires someone who is actually expert at writing javascript for ajax and display purposes and new php code. Please do not bid on this if you do not have these skills.

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