Asterisk/switchvox Xml Api

Asterisk/switchvox Xml Api
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We are migrating from a traditional T1 connected to a Nortel MICS PBX. The Nortel PBX has a SMDR unit attached to it providing real time CDR data to our accounting package to provide screen pops on each of the individual sales reps terminals. We need a Switchvox API that can also provide this realtime CDR data in the same format as the Nortel SMDR unit.

The developer of our software,, is great but not a fan of VOIP integration and has limited resources to help develop what we need. Please do NOT contact them.
Take a look at this page:

Here is how the integration works:
T1 > Nortel PBX > Nortel SMDR > POS/OE Phone Server

The connection to the Nortel SMDR to the POS/OE Phone Server was designed to be connected by a serial port connection RS232c on an Apple MAC running OSX. And since serial ports are a thing of the past, we are using a Keyspan Serial Port to USB adapter: … delID=3914

The POS/OE Phone Server is a custom app by eesco that sits and runs on the mac. I asked the developer and it can not get the data via TCP but has to be in a serial port connection. This data has to be in real time. Here are the requirements from POS/OE

Technical Details For POS/OE Phone Server Requirements
> the system must be able to output an RS-232c serial data stream:
> * in a consistent, parsable data format
> * with REAL TIME data
> * each record containing
> * Line number (unique POTS equivalent)
> * Extension number
> * line status codes (R=ringing, A=answered, T=transferred, H=Hold,
> D=disconnect, etc.)
> * Caller ID # and Name (name is preferred, but not mandatory)
> * Call start, end & duration (optional)
> The suggested baud rate is 2400/8/N/1, however the telco server
> software may be configured with other settings.

Switchvox offers an API toolbox that will get the real time call status info needed. Here is a link where those XML tools are located:
The overview is here:

The Nortel SMDR manual is attached and the data format that is used for the project is the Norstar All record format which can be found on page 41 of the manual.

Please let me know if there are any other further questions.

Thanks !!

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