Simple Website Fixes

Simple Website Fixes
This is a very easy job for someone that knows what they’re doing. All I need right are a few simple changes made to this website here:

Here are the changes:

1: I need you to fix the buttons so they say something else. I have the orignal PSD file with layers, so this should be simple if you know Photoshop. I want the buttons to say:


The buttons will also need mouseovers, but again… that’s already set up for you in the PSD file. You just need to change the text, and the dividing lines between the buttons. You’ll also need to update the pre-load code so that the mouseovers load up when the web page loads. The code is already on the page. You just need to update it with the new info from your graphic changes.

The header is on its own separate page, so you’ll only need to update one page on the site, not all of them.

2: Do you see the orange column on the right? I need a some kind of separator between the testimonials. Maybe a very thin line that matches the look of the page. That orange column is actually on this page here:

So if you just update that page, the other pages on the site will reflect that update.

Also, do you see those white lines in the orange column that go across? I need those spaces removed. There are two in the middle and one just under the “testimonials” graphic.

3: Look at the main page here:

I need you to fix the coding so that the words wrap around her picture, but with a 20 pixel barrier between the words and the picture.

**IMPORTANT** – I will only hire people who comment on my job either in their bid or in a PMB. I do not accept bids from service providers that merely copy and paste the same generic “check out my portfolio” message for every customer.

I want to get this done right away, so I will be monitoring this job for activity. I’m looking forward to working with you.


P.S. – Since this is such a simple job that should take no more than an hour, my budget for this is $25. If this first job works out, I will gladly use you for other projects in the future.

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