Online Radio Portal/directory

Online Radio Portal/directory
Real Time Online Radio Search Engine – Online Radio Portal/Directory

Looking to develop a clone/copy – a combination of several online radio websites – with a strong focus on search, social media, sharing and ease of use.

Functionality Requirements:

• Developed with AJAX/Web 2.0 updated code – instant in-page refreshes (also refresh ads)

• Search functionality, and sort by Genre, Region, Playlist (see

• Search for stations currently playing a specific artist, with in-browser player (see

• Support multiple player options (Windows Media, Real Player, QuickTime, and custom media player)

• Custom pop out player option – slim browser popup, with drop down functionality to change station

• PPV (pay per view) ads running prior to radio launch (see

User Experience:

• Create user account – save favorite stations, comments, ratings

• Social media (great samples at
o Add to social network (Facebook, Tweet this station, etc.)
o Rating scale, like/dislike
o View count
o Comments (FB integration and/or custom)
o Popular today/week/month – lists

• Embed options for users to add to their own blogs/sites (ad supported)

• Ability to browse other user playlists/favorites

• Easy “add to favorites” and functions for each site

Admin Controls:

• Admin back-end interface to add/remove stations, categories, banners

• Ability to import database of stations, with various, editable fields. Example: Station name, Description, Dial (e.g. 99.9 FM), Region (country, state, city), Genre , etc etc (editable)

• Future: build with functional ability to customize output for iPhone/BlackBerry browsers – stream to mobile (see

• Auto grab current artist/album/song – integrate with Amazon and iTunes API to “Buy Now” (import artwork/album info, where available). Also add affiliate links to ringtones.

• Some other sample sites that have referenced functionality:

• (API)


There are many available scripts out there – so looking for a developer to use a strong baseline for coding (NOT start completely from scratch).

Qualified bidders MUST send a portfolio of created sites, with good functionality. Without live examples you will not be considered.

Project completion is 1 month. Terms of payment will be 20% before, 80% on completion.

Looking forward to your replies.

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