Clipshare Problem

Clipshare Problem
We need someone to fix a problem we have with clipshare.

We have a problem when we try to upload videos:

We currently get this error message —

Failed to get video duration! Converted video not found!?


Plus, the videos are not being converted. They upload and are in the /video/ folder for the site, but they don’t get moved over to the /flvideo/ folder.

So currently the uploader uploads the video file, then it shows up that the file was uploaded… BUT the THUMBS are not working and the conversion is not working.

We need to get clip-share working 100% with no issues.

We need to make sure the server is prep to run clipshare. We already paid someone here to do the install of ffmpeg etc., so your job is to make sure they did the right install.

Will pay via script lance | paypal.

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