Simple Fun Voting System

Simple Fun Voting System
This system is a VERY simple system – the best anology is
We want to create a simple interface where people will come and do the following:

1. Register an account.
2. Upload 2-5 images or write 2-5 different texts
3. Give it a name
4. And “create a vote”

Now, on the home page of the site, random site visitors/users will be able to just VOTE for their favorite and it will keep strolling by all the open votes.

Example of how it’s used:

Let’s say you are debating between 3 different shoes, well you upload a picture of each of them and start a vote. Now, you let the WORLD tell you which one to pick!

Maybe you want to start an ad campaign and are debating 3 different headlines, you can put them in this system and let people tell you which one they like the most.

Maybe you’re picking a name or logo for your company – you can again have the mass world tell you which is best.

Features Needed:

1. Membership Management

2. Emailing Users

3. Users Create Votes (That are pending approval from Admin)

4. Admin Features/Control over all aspects of site

5. Categories to insert votes into (users who visit can browse by categories for open votes)

6. Ability to create TWO links to a vote.
One link a user can use to send to their FRIENDS (it will track the results separately).
The other link will go to the public…

7. Ad management system to float ads on the pages
There will be NO project creep on this project. It’s a simple system.


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