Changes To Website

Changes To Website
I have a Dating website in demo mode which needs changes and additions. It can be seen at It is a classic HTML/PHP/MySQL. I have a budget of $500. Please tell which changes you can include within this budget

The key additions are as follows:
Recode key search results pages to XHTML (8-10 pages)
Revise search by postcode ( UK Postcode)
Add IM live chat function
Change search results criteria
Change My Match results criteria
Change photo upload sequence
Add ‘take photo from webcam’ option
Revise photo display
Revise application form to collapse / expand
Minor errors to existing code fixed

See the attached PDFs for full details.
I give clear instructions and like to run an efficient project and expect the same from my coders.
I have ongoing work and I am looking for a reliable coding team.

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