Perl Homework Needed Done

Perl Homework Needed Done
I have some perl homework needed done pay is 13.00 it is due in 4-5 hours it is a page long must be able to get this done asap below is some info about it there’s like 5 attachments , this would take you an hour to do this assignment.

Perl Graded Hash Assignment
1. Create Input File 1 using unix commands (for both HA_information_07-08.txt
and NA_header.txt files) to create a tab delimited output file containing Type and
Date information.
01/10/2007 A
01/12/2007 A
02/15/2007 B

2. Input File 2 “weekConverter.txt” to translate dates to weeks.
01//2008 1
01/01/2008 1
01/02/2008 1
01/03/2008 1
01/04/2008 1
01/05/2008 1

3. Write a perl program incorporating both input files to produce a tab-delimited
output file containing counts of the type of infection grouped by week. You
should produce the output file individually for HA and NA (will be used to
produce two separate graphs).
Week Type Counts
1 A 235
1 B 80
1 C 2
2 A 345
Ideally, one perl program can be used to accomplish task 3. ☺ But this is not
required for success.

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