Simple Php Changes

Simple Php Changes
When a new user joins my traffic exchange they are forced to surf 1000 sites before they are given there joining bonus

I need you to add a feature to my admin area where i can change the amount of sites they are forced to surf before they are given there bonus

this will be the same idea that is in place with a simple box where i can edit the numer in the system properties page


the stats page shows Credits Deficiency: -99983300
i need a feature to clear this number back to 0


i have a link in my admin area for txt ads and banner ads but this no longer works as i will be using a differnt script to manage my ads

I require you to add some boxes to this page where i can place my ad code and save

I require you set these so that if i place ad code in box 1 it will be shown in a particular place.

you must place a code under the box so i can add the code to other pages on this site if needed to show or change the ad types in an instant

You must how ever place the first code to my site in 4 places
2 must be placed in the surf bar on the left and the right

1 on the main page

1 in the members area

This is simple work if you know php so please bid accordingly as i am on a low budget and will be seeking completion on other sites as this is a simple job for a php programmer

the old code used to call the ads file had to have code added to each file to show the ads such as
also a html version was added to html pages to call the ads

i require the ame kind of thing such as tads1(); and similar for html pages to show the ad code placed in ad box 1 etc

I may have described this more complicated than it is because i dont understand it correctly but i have been advised itis simple for some one who understands php

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