Php Sync Script For A Dms

Php Sync Script For A Dms
I’m searching for a programmer who can create a sync script for my Test-DMS.

I’ve made a easy PHP Document Management System (DMS). When people upload a file or create a folder, so the folders or files will be added in my DB and in my filesystem.
Now some people with Samba-access can directly add or delete folders and files on my filesystem. That’s why I need a sync-script dat compares the DB with my filesystem.

1. When a file or folder is added to my filesystem (with Samba), and it isn’t in my DB, the script adds a row into my DB.
2. When a file or folder is listed in my DB and isn’t in my filesystem, remove the file/folder row from my DB (because the file or folder is manually deleted from the file system with Samba).
3. Not all projects should be synchronized. Only the projects in my table Project with Samba = 1.
4. After every run the script writes the changes in a daily logfile.

My database “Test” contains the following tables:

file_id | parent_id | project_id | file type | file type | name | size | modifyon

Project_id | Project Name | samba
The original files aren’t stored in my db but in a folder on my filesystem (with project_id as foldername).

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