Classifieds Php/ajax Re-design

Classifieds Php/ajax Re-design
have website clone. Php based. Here is what I want.

1) Want a facelift. Must be farmilar with CL clones.
I have a design I want. Wanting template to work off the new design.
Want design worked on for better clearity. Sharpness. cleanness.

2) All main & sub categories are on one page. Want another page added so that only main categories are on main page and then sub-categories of each are listed on a second sub category page. Would need to mod the admin pages as well so that I can caterize the sub categories as well in the admin, If needed. Might auto do that still and not be needed.

3) States are on side. Want to add advertising on side and instead add either ajax locations or drop down textbox.

I have lots more to do. want to work with someone on reg basis. Will depend on skill leve along with price. Can not pay high market price, however will be consistant work over next year on monthly basis to mod project. so would be a plus if 1-2 programmers are from here are really good at mods, install, and project re-designs so other scripts can be mod to site which inc. networing community and such.

For now, the above 3 re-designs/mods needed.

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