Script Adon Required

Script Adon Required
I require a banner and txt ad rotator to be added to my trafic exchange script

This must be for admin use only where i would add the banners and simple txt ads whre i can set an end date or set to expire after so many impressions or clicks

There must be an option where i can set the user id to the ads so i know what user the ads belong to etc.

For the member side i wish to have the stats shown with the banner or txt ad shown so the member can see what banner or txt ad they have that is active and see when it expires etc showing days left or clicks or impressions left etc

The user must not be able to edit the ads they should only be able to see the stats ONLY


admin sets banner and txt ads with impression / expirey date / or clicks with user id

Members area to view only the stats of there own ads that is only visable for the user the ads are set for. ( id of user set in admin area)

You can see a demo of something i am looking for here
(login: admin | password: admin)
please click the link for Banner Rotator

you will see a link to use the banner and txt manager this is similar to what i am looking for but with my specs

The advertiser must be able to see there ad stats in thre account

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