Create Facebook App

Create Facebook App
I am looking to have a Facebook app built. What I would like is an app that acts like this…

1. Facebook user clicks on a button to join the “birthday club”. I am hoping this button graphic can be changed for each of my clients. They will all want it to say something different. I will do the graphics work, I just need a way to tell the app where the image is located on the web server.

2. A customer will then be asked to enter their birthday using a dropdown menu for month and a separate dropdown menu for day. Can this be done, or would it just pull their birthday from their profile? What are the pros and cons of these two methods?

3. In the backend, I would need to be able to set up what will be sent to the members of the birthday club. Each time I use this for a customer, I need to be able to customize the message just for them to include their company logo and custom message. I will do all of the design work. I am happy to either create an HTML email or create a single graphic that includes the birthday message. Whichever is easier is fine with me.

4. A Facebook message should be sent to the customer prior to their birthday. I would like to be able to tell the system how many days in advance to send the notification. It will probably be 7-10 days before, but it may not always be the same for every one of my customers. Some businesses may want to send it only a few days before.

5. Ideally I would like the option of a second message being sent. But this would need to be something I could turn off if one of my customers only wants one email. Again, if it’s possible I would like to be able to set somehow the number of days before their birthday to send this.

This would be the ideal scenario for how this app would work. Please let me know your thoughts on whether there are any areas that could be done differently than I described to make it easier/faster/cheaper to code.


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