Meta Tag And Product News

Meta Tag And Product News
I require a programmer to work threw the following tasks before this friday if possible:

Email Product News

When an artist or listener subscribes to a product and the product in question has news posted? I would like the user to receive an email. The email should be from Upcoming Beats with the title ‘Product News: Product name’

In the email it should be the same as all the other emails. It should says:
Hello there,<br><br>‘Store name’ has added some news about the ‘product’.<br><br>To view the products latest news please follow this link:<br>‘link to the news'<br><br>
You can manage your subscriptions by logging into your account.

If you can add this template into the admin area that would be great.


At the moment for some reason if there isn’t a tag or if the tag is too small it uses the footer as the description? I would like to change the following that I’ve found..

Artist page– Change the artists Meta tag to the normal upcoming beats.

Listener page – Change the listeners Meta tag to the normal upcoming beats.

Watch – make the Meta tag the tracks details normal upcoming beats.

Sample Watch – Make this the Studios background else the upcoming beats normal

Product – Make this the Products description else the upcoming beats normal

Store page – Make this the Stores background else the upcoming beats normal

Studio page – Make this the Studios background else the upcoming beats normal

All of them should have the last option as the normal upcoming beats meta.

Extra Tasks

– I have an old mp3 that I used to use on the website which seems to stream music really well, although I’m not sure if it is the player that is causing the sound to be off? If possible view the script used to in the old flash player and update the new one, we’ll see if this makes any difference?

– When you create a products news for a store, you select a category then a subcategory but the subcategories that have no products are listed? So there aren’t any products to select basically. Can you make sure it only shows Subcategories with products the store in question has actually added?

– Change the payment pages button from the standard one to the one we use for Search and Lets Go, I think this needs updating in 4 files? Please also add a tick box with ‘I Agree to the current Terms of Use’ this will link to the terms of use page.

– Seems to be an issue in the Contact options of an artist. If you log on with the 3ac account you’ll notice it has the Facebook link in the myspace section. If you remove this and click update it doesn’t show which is fine. But if you click Contact options again it re-appears in the myspace box?

– For the expiry date in the admin area, can we change this to month first, day and then year? Each month should have the correct number of days. So if February was selected there should only be 28 days in the days drop down

– Make sure you can’t complete the sign up if there is a space in the username or any keys except numbers and letters. If spaces it should say no spaces allowed

– Add ‘Collection Only’ to the P&P of stores and update all files so if this is selected it will not show ‘P&P:’ but only ‘Collection Only’. Needs updating on the Product page as well.

– Move the Forgot Login image that is displayed from the into the index.tpl. I’m going to use text instead of the image. This shows when you’ve asked to be sent your details.

– For some reason the JavaScript drop down menu is cutting off words if they’re too long? Either the drop down menus width has been fixed to a maximum or there’s an issue with the css? Please ask me for a link or drawing.

– If you someone creates an account but then i delete the account in the admin area for various reasons. When the user tries to activate the account by clicking the link in the email it displays the website wieredly:
If we could get this to show the text that the 404.tpl usually shows as the page doesn’t exists? This should be the same for all accounts?

– For some reason it isn’t recognising the spaces in the stores description on the stores profile, paragraphs? Check Andys Store

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