Joomla Or Drupal Site

Joomla Or Drupal Site
I’m willing to pay $150-200 for this work. It needs to be done in 15 days or less. I want it done in drupal or joomla. I’d highly prefer it to be in drupal though. I’m going to pay someone to do the design. You will though have to chop up whatever psds they make an put it in the site. And of course you’ll have on to move stuff around and what not if the client needs that.

Functionality of the site MAIN PAGE of the site
The company is an Interactive Retail-based Scavenger Hunt.
Consumer…meets Retailer.
Shoppers login on the homepage (via Lightbox) through their Facebook or Twitter accounts and are notified, via countdown clock, when the next hunt is or how long until the day’s hunt is over. The scavenger hunts will occur at a specified time each day weekday (ie: 12 EST) and will last for 1 hour.
On of those interactive videos certain companies make describing the site and product will be on the homepage. My client will buy that product. It will instruct people how to participate in the hunt. They will point out all of the key features and location of certain useful items.
Each registered user will receive daily email alerts about the Scavenger hunt that they can click into my site from. The email alerts will serve as a reminder about the hunt as well as give them a heads up on the retailer of the day and their product offerings.
On the main page of the site, consumers will see a few things:
1. Large box that profiles the retailer of the day with a “Play Now” ribbon at the top corner with our bar at the top.
2. A series of smaller boxes for the monthly advertisers that are in cue for their hunt day.
3. Blurb about the retailer of the day (Owners, City, State, Phone #’s)
4. Clues the consumer will need in order to complete the scavenger hunt (3-4 clues)
5. Countdown clock: If they load the site while a hunt is not actively taking place, they can still see the retailer of the day as well as any monthly retailers profiled. They can click on their icons and go directly to their websites. If a hunt is actively taking place (12noon until 1pm) then they can click a “Play Now” button and participate in the hunt. The countdown clock will show how much time is left for the day. After the hunt, the countdown clock will revert back to the countdown leading up to the next day’s hunt.
The retailer of the day is in a monthly rotation (based depending on when they pay and what date/s they select) A Calendar feature should be added and linked to PayPal for this purpose. The retailer of the day has a certain product that they will donate as part of the game to consumers. The first (# of identified users) to enter the right url (into a light box) for the item will be given that item for free per an agreement with the retailer as part of the promotion. It could be 5 brand name pink scarves for example. The clues will be centered on whatever the items are and will change each day. The desire to find the item will drive the consumers through to their website where they will search for the item in question as well as inevitably familiarize themselves with the various product offerings from the retailer.
Shoppers have minutes to search though the retailer’s website to find the item. Once they’ve located it, I would like a badge or ribbon in the corner of the main, featured advertisement box that will say “I FOUND IT” or something similar that a user will click to input the url. They can try it as many times as they wish, but can only win once in 30 days.
I will need Facebook integration as well as Twitter integration. Integration will allow us to post items to a user’s feed (Facebook) or stream (Twitter) for winning/losing a scavenger hunt. Here is an example:
“Sally heard about THE SITE from a friend, and went to check it out. After seeing a timer on the page that indicated a hunt was happening in less than thirty minutes, she hurried and signed up with her Twitter account. As soon as she signed up, a tweet was sent out on her stream about it. While she was waiting, she was shown a “While you wait…” screen that listed the company the hunt would be for, and encouraged to browse. She also took a look at the welcome e-mail sent to her and quickly emailed 3 close friends to get them in on the day’s hunt. They quickly logged in through their Facebook and Twitter accounts and started the hunt too!

Once the countdown clock hit “Start Hunt Now” The clues were posted and the hunt began. After deciphering the clues, she went into the advertiser’s website looking for the day’s item. (I need to make sure that the hints are able to be seen on our bar so that the user will be able to still see them while they are on the advertiser’s website.) After she thought she figured it out, she copied the clues into the light box and was notified instantly of her win/loss status. If she didn’t win, she continued searching and would try it again. The countdown clock now read 13 minutes remaining in the hunt. Her friends were trying to crack the code too. After Sally finally got all the clues and entered the answer into the light box, she was notified instantly that she was a winner. With 3 minutes left, one could see how this was an adrenaline filled hunt for her and everyone else that participated. Once Sally and the other 4 winners won, their Facebook and Twitter streams were updated with “(name) just won a <brand name pink scarf> on THE SITE. See if you can beat her to win in tomorrow’s hunt” The other participants streams might read something like“(name) almost won a <brand name pink scarf> today on THE SITE. See if you’ve got what it takes to win tomorrow’s hunt”

Now that the hunt is over, the featured retailers’ clues are removed and are replaced with an offer:

Today’s Scavenger Hunt Item:
A Brand Name Pink Scarf, Retail value of $50. (picture of scarf here)
Click here to purchase this item or anything in our store for 40% off, Today Only!
The consumer will click through and be back onto the retailer’s website, but this time, to purchase that item and perhaps something else they spotted during the hunt, now that they’re getting that discount…today only.

That offer remains for the Brand name Pink Scarf until the next days hunt starts (a full 24 hours from the start of hunt). People who didn’t participate in the hunt that day, but are members, will be able to purchase from the retailer by clicking on the link. The advertiser won’t have the prominent placement on the second day; they will be moved to a small feature box off to the side of the main page. The next retailer in cue will take the prominent placement and the next hunt will begin. Repeat daily.

I will need a analytics pages for the advertisers to look at. I can easily make a pretty impressive case study out of it and use it as promotion material for new advertisers to get excited about. Also, since we’re going with the top bar, we can literally watch everywhere the user goes and be able to track attempts at winning. At some point down the line, we’ll want to be able to export that information in several formats that the advertisers can download and number crunch on their own.
While I’m starting the initial concept off with 1 scavenger hunt in order to test the popularity of the project, my goal is to add multiple Scavenger Hunts per day to the site as it starts to gain momentum through various social media outlets and word of mouth from participants.

Each week, we will profile the winners First Name, last initial and city they’re from along with a picture of the item they won and their comments (if any) about the items. Additionally, if consumers want to upload pictures of themselves wearing the items they won, they have the option to do so.

FAQ section
A separate company will produce another intrative video (the person talking on the side of the page) covering the most frequently asked questions about the site such as how does the site work? how do I login?, how many times can I win? Etcetera
• the list of OFFICIAL RULES will be on this page.

Retailers will have their own page of the site. They will have the opportunity to be posted for 1 month while their store is in cue for the scavenger hunt. Consumers can click on their sites at any time during the month to peruse and become familiar with their offerings. Only the first several retailers that have paid for premium placement will have the opportunity to be displayed on the main page for that month. All others will be on the advertiser page.

The work will be done on my server then put on the client’s server after the work is done. I need it done on my server for 3 reasons: I can’t show the work to my client if it’s on some other companies url, 2 I want to be able to see the work you have done. Too many times programmers have told me “I can’t show you any work because it’s on my local server”. Some tell the truth, but other’s lie and just haven’t done any work,
3 I’ve had client’s steal my work and not pay money. A lot times this happens when programmers don’t do enough browers and site funtionality testing. So anyway having it done on my server eliminates the chance of them stealing the work. If they want the work they have to pay me and you.
Also if you agree to this project you are agreeing to give me daily updates (excluding Sunday). If I don’t get daily updates I’m cancelling the project.
I live with mentality that I’d rather work with a programmer who has a lot issues and runs into a lot issues but communicates these issues with me, then a programmer who can get all the work done, but only emails me every 3 days.
All people who accept the project will do all the installation on my server and the client’s server when the work is done.

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