Upload Photos Using A Zip File

Upload Photos Using A Zip File
I have my own CMS and I want to add this option:
Upload photos using a zip file:
the description as follow:

in my CMS I have:
1- upload photo + name + description + active/inactive status
2- the photo will be uploaded into a specific directory
3- the photo will be renamed in a specific creteria

what I want to add
1- in the same upload form above a new field to upload a zip file

who this will work
1- get the main photo uploaded in the previous step
2- upload and extract the zip file into a tmp dir
3- create a directory name as the previus image
4- move the zip content into this directory
5- rename the images to the same directory name with serial _suffix
6- submit the images into mysql database field (will be created for this reason) using array format
7- delete the tmp dir content for later use
8- show uploaded results in a view file

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