Public Adjustment Website 2

Public Adjustment Website 2
Insurance Adjustment Website
Professional Design
1) Home Page
2) About Us Page
3) Flash
a. Random picture of home and commercial disasters with sad music.
b. The flash is started manually
4) Services
5) Testimonials
6) Appraisals
7) Residential Insurance Claims
8) Commercial Insurance Claims
9) Contact Us
a. The submitted information is saved into a mysql database. The admin and adjuster selected within to form receives an email notification. The selected adjuster and/or admin can reply email through the website.
b. Allow adjuster to add notes to the customer contact. Admin receives an email when any adjuster adds a note.
c. Only admin can delete any saved contact information
i. First and Last name
ii. Address
iii. City, State, Zip
iv. Primary Phone
v. Secondary Phone
vi. Email Address
vii. Insurance Company
viii. Choose Adjuster (Drop down Menu – Adjuster names)
ix. Type of Damage (drop down menu)
x. Additional Comment/Concern (Text box)
10) Directions (Google Map)
11) FAQ
12) Join Us
a. Form that allows any user to join the company.
b. This information is saved into a mysql, and allows admin to reply back from within the website.
13) Adjuster Login
a. Allow Admin to create account for Team Member (adjuster)
b. Allow Admin to change passwords for adjuster

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