Lighttpd Web Server Slow Issue

Lighttpd Web Server Slow Issue
I am using clip-share video script for my video site, with multiple server plug in. The main site is hosted on a VPS, and 2 streaming sites which are and hosted on 2 dedicated server. I use lighttpd to stream all flv files.

There is a serious issue with lighttpd streaming right now. I give you an example on my

I configure the lighttpd.conf of www3, which has mod_evasive, mod_secdownload (enabled) , mod_flv (enabled). mod_kbytes_per_second.

Originally, it is configured as below
connection.kbytes-per-second = 150
evasive.max-conns-per-ip = 3

If the server has below 200 connections, the flv loads as normal. Once it has over 200 connections, the flv loads very slow. I can say it barely loads. This server is on 1Gbps dedicated port and I have tested its speed. It can boost to 800Mbps with no problem

I modified the lighttpd.conf a little bit like
connection.kbytes-per-second = 500
evasive.max-conns-per-ip = 3
but it won’t help.

Then I decided to test loading the file via apache. The flv file load superfast with no problem. That is how I am confident this is an issue with lighttpd, or a bug in lighttpd.

I need a super pro who knows lighttpd to fix this issue. The connection.kbytes-per-second = 150 is actually enough to load an flv so I need connection.kbytes-per-second = 150, and the file should load as fast as it is loading via apache.

If you are interested, please PM me for my live site, and the test link that you can compare between 2 same videos, 1 loads from lighttpd and the other load from apache.


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