Video Lesson Embed Website

Video Lesson Embed Website
I need someone to build a video music lesson site on drupal, joomla or any other suitable CMS (please provide reason if another CMS is suggested). I do not plan to host any videos on my server; instead there will simply be a database of video sources from across the web. Therefore the developer will need to proficiently understand video retrieving processes, the Youtube API as well as other video hosting site API’s. In addition I have some questions to better understand the developer.

For your proposal to be considered, please respond to all questions and provide 3 previous US clients that I can contact. This will help make any discussions more effective in the future. Also, please contact me if you need any clarification or have additional questions.


· Delivery time from contract confirmation?
· How many visual designs are offered to choose from?
· What are the payment terms?
· Release and approval process to confirm successful completion?
· Mitigation in case of non performance of functionality?


• Visual Design : I have created several (10) PSDs for the key components of the site to demonstrate what I’m looking for. Nevertheless, I would like the developer to refine my design and implement the visual customization.

• Video Submission Method : As previously state, I don’t plan to host any videos on my server. All videos will be links or embeds to videos hosted externally. Each database entry will simply have the sources of preexisting videos on the web with additional information fields that are only relevant to my site.

Users will have the ability to submit videos in 2 ways:
—— • Link : Link to preexisting videos on the web. I’m predicting that my site will initially support 6 major video hosting sites: Youtube, Metacafe, Vimeo, Yahoo Video, Myspace Video and Dailymotion. When a user submits a video URL, PHP should fetch some basic information (Title, Description, Thumbnail, etc.) while the user can add additional information.
—— • Upload : If a user wants to upload a video that is not already hosted somewhere, they can upload the video to youtube using my site. They will submit it to my site and then PHP will use the youtube API to actually upload it to Finally the source information will be saved to my database.

• Search/browse pages : These should function almost identically. The PSDs that I have created will give the best idea of what I’m looking for. Essentially there will be a clean table of listings with AJAX sorting capabilities.

• Forum : A phpBB forum will be seamlessly integrated visually and programming wise. Most importantly the user accounts should be universal so that users are automatically logged in to the forum component when logging into the main site.

Required skills:
• Understanding of whichever CMS is used

During the week I’m unavailable from 7:00am – 4:00pm. Please let me know what time would be good to discuss my project.

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