Modify Open Source Project

Modify Open Source Project
Hi, I am currently running an open source Warcraft 3 gaming server called PvPGN which can be downloaded there:
I use this one : win32 binary with MySQL-5.0.77 3.23 MB

The source code of this is also downloadable there…

It also works with MySQL, the game upload the stats to mySQL and there are ladder ranking pages like this:

Well, what I want now is a competant C programmer, that is confortable using big open source project etc. so we can modify things.

One thing I want to add is a restriction, for example if a player plays against another player, they should not be able to play against eachother for 30 minutes.
That should work using the IP of the players…
There are also bugs sometimes, such as when a player finishes a game, the win or loss does not get counted, it happens from time to time to some players.

I’d also like someone for perhaps long-term projects, because there are many things to do with this open source project.


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