Zen Cart Credit Layaway Module

Zen Cart Credit Layaway Module
Zen Cart module needed to manage installment payments.

Experience with Zen Cart a must

Module, should be a standard Zen Cart 1.3.8a. implementation and located in the “modules/order_total” folder — similar to the Gift Certificate module. We would like to install it.

Module should calculate payments based on customer’s and admin’s input, however, only the first payment needs to be processed through the shopping cart. We will manage remaining payments offline.

On page 2 of 3 of Zen Cart checkout, customer will select LAYAWAY, CREDIT, or regular checkout.

Customer will be able to select number of months to pay and down payment amount they wish to pay. These values will be set in the Admin panel.

On page 3 of 3 of Zen Cart checkout (confirmation), customer should be presented with verification of Installment Payment Info such as number of installments, monthly payment, down payment, interest rate, and balance.

Module should just pass down payment info to any installed gateway (PayPal, money order, Auth.net, etc) for processing.

Installment payment info should be included in the receipt/confirmation emails to customer and store owner.

Installment payment transaction should be noted in customer’s account.

Store owner should be able to adjust the following in the Admin panel:
– Minimum purchase and down payment requirements
– Interest Rate (for credit option)
– Handling fee
– “Number of months” options for layaway
– “Number of months” options for credit
– A special authorization code for credit (like a coupon code)

We are located in the US eastern time zone (GMT -5) – Team must communicate by phone or email between the hours of 9am to 10pm EST.

Potential developers may contact us direct if needed.

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