Drupal Theme Design

Drupal Theme Design
Need someone to develop & design Drupal Theme for a professional business site. The theme must be compatible with Drupal 6 & 7. Should have a Web 2.0 look & feel.

Requirements Interview Answers:
To help you bid more accurately, the buyer was interviewed about the requirements for this project. Below are their answers.
Project Type: What kind of work do you need done?
Software related (Includes desktop applications and internet websites)
Project Parts: What do you want the seller to do on this project?

Requirements: The seller will analyze the problem and propose a software-based solution to the problem.
Programming: The programmer will take the requirements and translate them into the language of the computer (and test it).
User installation: The installer will move the software from the place it was created (which is called the development or QC environment) to where you will use it (which is called the production environment). The installer then tests the software to make sure that the installation was done properly and completely.
Req. Doc. Type: What kind of documentation do you want for this project?
Formal documentation – After talking back and forth, the seller creates a formal document and/or prototype, as follows:

* Prototype: The analyst will create a non-working mockup of all pages/screens in the final software. Creating a prototype makes it easier for the user to visualize the final software, and reduces misunderstandings.

Program Type: What kind of software should the seller create (and/or install)?

* An internet web-site: This software runs on a web server and users will access it using their internet browser.

Internet web-site info
Design and functionality: What does the programming of this project involve?

* Design: Create the layout of the pages (or modify the layout of existing pages).
* Program Functionality: Making the website “work”.

Modeling another site: Do you wish to model another site? Yes: http://shopping.yahoo.com/
Size of website: How many pages need to be created/edited in this website?
I don’t know.
Other info:This is a request to design & develop theme for Drupal with Magento support.
Programming Language: What programming language(s) do you want your website written in?
I do know the language(s).

* Flash
* Javascript

Misc. details: Should be based on Drupal theme & design

Database: Will this project include a database?
Yes, it does include a database.

* MySQL — version(s): 5

Browser Type(s)/Version(s): Which browser/version combinations must this website support?

* IE 7.0
* IE 6.0
* Firefox 3.0
* Firefox 2.0-2.x
* Firefox 1.5
* Safari 41

Server Hosting Environment: What is your server hosting environment?
I have a server at a 3rd party hosting company.
The name of the hosting company is: ASO
The server’s shared/dedicated status is: Shared with other people.

Component Compatibility Protection:
Sometimes a programmer may create features on the website that rely on componentswhich work fine on their own server, but won’t work with your 3rd party hosting company’s server. There are many reasons for this including version incompatibility, restricted permissions, etc… We normally requires that the programmer verify in advance that your 3rd party hosting provider will support the components. If they do not, then they are responsible for any incompatibilities, rather than you. Do you want this protection on your project?
No, I will be responsible for any components of the final solution that do not work with my hosting company.
Server Hosting Environment: Will the coder develop “live” on your server?
No. The programmer is responsible for creating their own development and/or qc environment.
Physical installation: Who will perform the physical installation?
The programmer will perform the physical installation, and will be given all necessary permissions to do so.
Legal: 1) I require complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done (so that I may modify it in the future).
2) Deliverables must be in ready-to-run condition as follows (depending on the nature of the deliverables):
2a) Any website server-side deliverables must be installed by the Seller in ready-to-run condition in the Buyer’s environment.
2b) All other software (including but not limited to any desktop software or software the buyer intends to distribute) must include a software installation package that will install the software in ready-to-run condition on the platform(s) specified in this bid request (unless specified elsewhere by the Buyer).
3) All deliverables will be considered “work made for hire” under U.S. Copyright law. Buyer will receive exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased.
3b) No part of the deliverable may contain any copyright restricted 3rd party components (including GPL, GNU, Copyleft, etc.) unless all copyright ramifications are explained AND AGREED TO by the buyer on the site per the seller’s Seller Legal Agreement.
Other Requirements:
<div id=”divDeliverables”>All I need is a Drupal Theme designed & developed which will be professional looking for business. The background color of the site needs to be White. It should be compatible with a Shopping Cart module and the theme cannot be shared with others once developed.

(Note: Like everything else on this page, these categories are part of the original contract for this bid request.)
Web, Flash, Requirements, Misc (software related), Software Related (Includes Websites)

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