Ned On Line Program To Control

Ned On Line Program To Control
Ned on line program to control virtual employs (workers)

1-wen the worker start working to log in and counting the time (Time report shod bi daily bat the automatik calcolations weekly ).

2- I shod bi able to ad unlimited numbers of workers

3-The software have to take skrin shots of they desk top every 10 minutes.

4-We have to bi able to attach cameras(5caneras per account) to see the workers.

5- We have to bi able to communicate wit those workers and the conversation to bi recorded (audio and emails).

6- some of the worker are telemarketers we have to bi able to tab tape phone conversation to lisen to there conversation.

7-Separate please ware the worker can report they daily reports.

8- Plaice ware the worker can store a data like Google documents (sheered folders and non sheered).

9 -One main control panel ware the Manager can go end manage and control all the workers.

10-The workers have to by able to fil up aplication on line (to start working for us)

Please don’t bit if you can’t accomplish the project.
Payments well be relised only bay fully completing the project.
Daily reports true the GAF only required.
Send samples of similar work done from you.
30 days to finished the project.
$200.00 bonus for complete project on time and no bags will by awarded.

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