Video Player

Video Player
Hi Mi Name is Howard,

We have a Clip-share 4.1 script and We need to
give it a more authentic and unique look.

1) But first we need to replace the the player with an HD player that can or will allow us to monetize our High quality Video content by working with the ad Network’s platform. (pre-roll , Mid-roll and all and any of there video ads)

But at the same time we need to have the ability to upload pre-roll FLV video ads from our siteadmin for we want to have our own advertising customers.

To familiarize yourself with our script, please see demo:

ClipShare Pro Demo

* Username: demo
* Password: demo

ClipShare Pro Administration Demo

* Username: admin
* Password: admin

If possible,

We prefer to have the Live Smooth Streaming Microsoft Silverlight Media Framework v1.1
please go to: the Live Smooth Streaming Tutorial – Playback at—playback/

please go to the Silverlight download link

This is the first thing that we want to work on, other template jobs will follow. please post your bit so that we can make a decision.

We need this ASAP for we want to begin our marketing campaign.

In advance,
Thanks A Million

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