Domain Rentals

Domain Rentals
We own a group of domain names and they all go to the same page on
a parking company’s server.

When someone goes to the front page of the domain name, a banner is
loaded in addition to the parking ads. You can view an example domain

As you can see there, there is a banner that says..
is available and when you click thru you get a contact form.

The banner is being served from our server, and the script that serves
the banner detects the domain name and inserts it in the banner. When
someone clicks a diff script also detects the domain name and
places the name into the form.

We are wanting to create a database script that will do several
different things. It will detect the domain name and then look
in the domain database to determine what page should be displayed.
The pages will be either be

Inquire form,
a rental form (to rent the entire domain),
a advertise form to let people rent the banner space,
or simply display an Ad that we have decided on.
or whatever (flexibility to add other options).

The database should contain the information such as the domain name,
the status (one of the 4 above), etc. and then display the
appropriate form or be redirected to an advertisers url. There
should be an admin area to add/remove and edit the prices.

In the process of determining the domain name, the script should also record each unique impression and click thru and this information
should be viewable from the admin.

I believe the best thing to do is to take a generic banner
script with tracking capability to record this information
and to serve the banners. I don’t want to recreate a whole banner
system as there are plenty out there that can be modified.

For now we just want to set it up to be done manually, ie: the person
click thru and we manually modify the domain name to be rented, or
manually set up the banners. We have a partial script set up that works with
our billing company
As you can see there it is functional.

Later though, if this phase is successful we will want more features added,
automating the process.

Time is of the essence though, we need this part quickly, then we can
move on to other features.

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