Debate Design Programming

Debate Design Programming
Seek experienced interactive (dhtml, javascript, flex, etc.) programmers with good design sense. (This project is not for designers only interested in “web design” in the sense of c s s tem-plates or elements.)

Need at least two design variations focusing on the presentation of an “interactive content outline.” This should be done in an interactive client side tools e.g. Flex) that allows site visitors to expand, collapse add, and edit elements within an outline-based topical “debate” site. This project is to evaluate the right presentation, functionality and usability for the “Interactive Content Outline”.) Note, though this should be functional and database driven, the first phase is primarily to test the design for usability.

The features needed are an outline based display of a debate, which includes: Arguments, supporting Evidence, supporting Sub-arguments. Each element is in the form of an outline:

/-Pro> Main argument
|       |—Pro> sub argument 1
|       /—Pro> sup argument 2
|       |             |—Evidence A
|       \—Con> sub argument 2
\-Con> Main argument
      |—Pro> sub argument 3
      /—Pro> sub argument 4
     |              |—Evidence B
      \—Con> sub argument 4

Paired Pro’s and Con’s are connected by a angled (delta shaped) branch (only displayed above in subarguments)
Supporting branches are strait lines
Branches and be collapsed or expanded

Mouse over should reveal “more” detail on each line.
Via the down-arrow, each line can be highlighted,
a corresponding menu or icon appears or is located elsewhere
[+] or [ – ] edit add

After the above is implemented, modifications to improve usability simplicity and functionality are welcome.

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