WordPress Plugin For Stats

WordPress Plugin For Stats
Here’s what I need…
I need someone to build a wordpress plugin for me.
This plugin/program is to be compatible with the latest version of wordpress, and will work with future versions of wordpress. I am using a membership software called wishlist on my blog, I want this plugin to be compatible with this. I want only the members of my blog to be able to use this plugin and also for this plugin to save and keep their stats under their membership.
This plugin will be used to help golfers with their putting. The plugin will create a form that I can put on a page on my wordpress blog that will collect data from the golfer after he plays a round of golf. The information collected includes
-how many putts the golfer had
-how many putts made under 6 feet, missed under 6 feet
-how confident the golfer felt

I want this program to then keep an accurate average of all these stats, per week, per month etc as well as rate the golfer’s putting performance. I also want a simple graph to be generated to track the stats, so the golfer can track his own improvements!
After the golfer inputs the stats for that particular day, I want this program to give advice according to the stats. This includes some putting tips and pre-programmed practice drills that are stored in the plugin. There will be approx 20 of these putting drills to choose from. For example, if the golfer missed many putts under 6 feet, then a set of tips will come up that are specifically tailored for sinking more short putts under 6 feet. This way, it gives the golfer something to practice and think about before his next round of golf.
Another function I want in this program is the ability to set goals. And that if the golfer achieves a certain level, they will be awarded a certain number of stars, or a certain rank etc. For example, if the golfer achieves an average of 30 putts per round, he is then awarded with the rank of “superstar”.
This project should be very easy for those who know what they’re doing.

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