Order Management Application

Order Management Application
The scope of this project involves building a complete online order management application The system is a hub for customers to place orders, the order to be distributed to various vendors, who will then accept the order, perform the service, upload the document (finished order) and transmit the completed order to the customer with minimal administration by the owner (us) of the website.

Some orders will be paid via a credit card on file, others with credit card at time of order, and others on account will be invoiced to the customer.

Key areas are:
1. Ease of use
2. Time triggers as all orders are time sensitive
3. Auto notifications of late orders.
4. Order exception handling
5. Automatic distribution of order to groups of vendors in the geographical area of the service to be performed.
6. System to rate vendors by timely delivery and lack of complaints (user rating system plus delivery time rating).
7. Job “calender” showing customers and vendors order placed and when they are due.
8. Upload of finished orders by vendors and distribution to the order placer (lender).
9. Finally, the application should be created with the ability to brand it and set up a quick subdomain and run a copy for another company to manage their orders seperate from us.

The BEST way to get an idea of the job is to view an external site that we currently use to perform this service. The site is deficient and we know exactly what we need to improve in our version.

The “example site” does not have payment features, it lacks customizable email responders and triggers. It has no rating system and has no order distribution system. However, looking at it will give you a good idea of the scope of the project. It DOES show jobs on a job calendar with is a good feature.

The application we’re using as a model is:


Three logins for the different type of users are:

user: testlender pw: test.lender
user: testappraiser pw: test.appraiser


Administrator login will be given when we are closer to an agreement.

If you can handle a project that is a complete application like this, please respond with realistic estimate of time, or with list of questions so that you may properly access time and determine a reasonable bid range.

Thank you,


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