Flash Slideshow

Flash Slideshow

• Delivery date is next Monday March 8, with minor revisions on Tuesday March 9. We are on US Central Time (GMT-5). Prefer Yahoo IM during business hours.

• Slideshow substantially similar to attached mockup. Can scroll forward, back, auto-scroll both ways, see progress bar on bottom re how many photos in this slideshow, sort by type, enlarge on click and go to php page description.

• We would either like to use a MySQL database table that can be sorted by Type | Date | Location | Favorites | Kid Favorites. OR if you have a suggestion let us know, i.e. xml pages.

• Each slide has event name and thumbnail 100×60.

• On MouseOver the image enlarges to 166×100, adds a link “see details” and displays the fields Blurb, Date, Short Location. On click it goes to that event number on one of 5 pages: Type | Date | Location | Favorites | Kid Favorites (i.e. if “Organize by:” was selected as DATE, then it goes to that event number on the “sorted by date” page.

• In the slideshow, visitors can click the picture and go to that event description.

Seven fields are used in the slideshow:

1. Event Number – hidden field chronological
2. Event Year – 4 digit numeric (we want to use this program multiple years)
3. Event Name – 60 alpha-numeric characters
4. Types (Date Location Favorites Kid Favorites) – Impt: will be multiple types 1-4 types. I.e. a kids puppet show might be
5. Photo Name – a JPEG thumbnail 100×60 that on mouseover scales to 166×100 in images/eventslideshow
6. Blurb – the 120 character description (4 lines 30 characters Textarea) you see in mockup “Five stages of music…”
7. Date – date(s) of event can be up to 10 dates
8. Short Location – 18 alpha-numeric characters

This project is ready to go NOW. Please see our reviews for “GREAT COMMUNICATION” and “FAST PAYMENT.”

Thanks for looking! PMB if questions.

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