Virtuemart Issue

Virtuemart Issue
I need a competent VirtueMart developer to help to fix some issues.

1. – it just displays a blank page. So can you fix this so it displays the product and just finish styling it so it looks like Ramezani _PRODUCT DETAIL PAGE.jpg attached.

2. Can you code into the Quick find the minimum width, maximum width, minimum length and maximum length into the search. Currently its uses a drop down menu to search for the different sizes. But I would like the user to be able to type in the minimum and maximum measurements for the size themselves. As in the Ramezani _QUICK FIND.jpg.

3. When someone uses the Quick Find search it will either display the search results as the attached Ramezani _SEARCH RESULTS SUCCESS.jpg file if their search is successful and returns the products or if it can’t find any products it will display Ramezani _NO SEARCH RESULTS.jpg. So I would like you to create the search result failure screen as attached where it shows the users the search form to allow them to search again while also telling the user that their search yielded no products. At the moment it only displays a successful search page by returning the searched products, I think…

4. Can you make the products page look like the attached file: Ramezani _CATEGORIES.jpg and make the image and title of the rug a link to the product details page please.

5. Can you install the trail of please on the product details page so it looks like the Ramezani _PRODUCT DETAIL ZOOM-IN.jpg I did install this but for some reason it never really worked, could you fix this or re-install please.

6. Can you make the page name appear above the breadcrumbs with the description text of the page next to it like on the Ramezani _PRODUCT DETAIL PAGE.jpg where it says CURRENT PRODUCT CATEGORY PAGE.

7. Omit the breadcrumb on the home page altogether.

A great deal of this is aesthetics, I would say that the difficult part is the search, so I’m looking for a reasonable bid please and in a reasonable timescale as well please, anything over 5 days don’t bother applying.

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