Rus – Add Referrer Url Track

Rus – Add Referrer Url Track

– I’m looking for a Russian-speaking PHP programmer, to help me out with a series of web-site enhancements.

– The current project is ONLY for a referrer-url-tracking feature. If you complete it in fast and professional manner, more tasks will follow.

I have a shop-script based website. I wish to be able to track, which buyers come from where. E.g., when a person comes to the site, his referrer URL must be saved (or, if he types the URL directly into his browser’s address line, save this info). And if he completes an order, referrer URL must be added to his order details.

There should be a page (table), listing:

0. Referrer URLs
1. The total number of visitors from each referrer
2. How many of them made a purchase
3. Average revenue per buyer
4. Total revenue per buyer
5. CPC – cost per click (a textbox, with default value ZERO, that I can edit)
6. OLD referrer URLs (a list)

Each NEW visitor should receive a cookie, so that if he originally comes from a certain referrer URL, doesn’t buy right away but buys later, the script would check the OLD referrer URL in the cookie (or do some other test), and if an old referrer exists, add it to “6. OLD referrer URLs” list.

Please submit your best offer. Thanks!

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