Custom Proofing Site

Custom Proofing Site
Need a proofing area to allow clients to review, comment, approve or request changes. How I envision the proofing area to work is as follows. I will have an admin area where I can upload jpeg image, link and fill in some fields, such as Project Name, Job No, Client, Group, etc. Once uploaded db will generate a random 6-character (PROOF ID). The associated user will receive a email indicating their proof is ready for review.

User will then either click link in email to be navigated to the proof login page. Upon entering valid proof id the user will be shown the proof. Also the user if provided the login credentials would be able to see a listing of all proofs they have the rights to see. Rights are determined by the group (GROUP ID) the user belongs to. For instance, if user belongs to the “LUXE” group then all proofs assigned to the “LUXE” group would be available for that user to see.

Once at the proof screen, user can either APPROVE or MAKE CHANGES. Selecting approve would update the “status” field in the PROOFS table to “APPROVED”. The ‘approved date”and “approver” fields would get updated as well. An email would be generated to me as well as to the user indicating that the proof has been approved.

Selecting MAKE CHANGES would update “status” field in the PROOFS table to “REVS”, allow the user to enter info regarding changes needed in a text area which updates the NOTES field in the PROOFS table, the “REVNO” field would increment each time the same proof has changes submitted. An email is sent to me and client indicating the proof has changes requested.

The CLIENT GROUP AREA would be a restricted area that upon valid username and password being provided would show the user all the proofs that have been associated with the same GROUPID assigned to the user’s account.The listing’s navigation will have filtering (for example, by date) and sorting (alpha by project, for example) features. Clicking on the proof id (which should be a different color or underlined so user knows its clickable) would send user to the PROOF PAGE for that specific proof.

The PROOF PAGE would have interaction for approving proof or submitting changes. The right side will be a static area purposed for showing the uploaded jpeg proof. Jpegs smaller than alloted area will be justified to the top and left. Across the top is information regarding the proof, including its status, proof date, project name and description….all of this info pulls from the database.

Attached document shows preliminary renderings to provide some needed visuals. Final project details will be tweaked somewhat.

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