Hard-code Nav – Boonex Dolphin

Hard-code Nav – Boonex Dolphin
I need template assistance building the header portion of a template for Dolphin 7.0 by Boonex. I have already created the XHTML and all graphics.

My need is to hard-code the nav tabs with graphics. I am using a select number of tabs and I need them to be exactly as I have created them. Yet I want them to still have the drop downs (they might ahve to be hard-coded as well).

I was told on the Boonex forums that I could replace the line that auto-generates the nav menu with the copied source from the output. Does that make sense? If that is the case this will be really simple. It would be a copy-paste job.

Essentially, make the header for the template look exactly like I have built it in html. Attached is a screenshot.

I will supply you with the XHTML that I’ve made and you supply me with a modified template.

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