Install Php / Java Script

Install Php / Java Script
I purchased a disposable e-mail script from here:

A working Demo can be found here:

I have installed the script on my server but it is not working notice:

When you get to the loading page it just “loads” forever and doesn’t go anywhere. I’m assuming this is either because its not creating the e-mail accounts or (most likely) because I either don’t have access to required ports or don’t have the POP3 account set up properly.
I have no idea how to correct these errors. I would need you do to this for me. I am on a shared host.

Additionally I need the following added to the script:
1. CAPACHA image for sending e-mails
2. limit put on number of e-mails a person is able to send each hour and each day.
3. give the user the option, once in the account, to extend their e-mail account for either 24 hours, 1 week, or 1 month
4. small tracker that displays in admin panel how many e-mails sent by each IP
4. Install this script as mentioned above.

Of course none of this work will be able to be completed if the script can not be installed.

Note Max Cost = $30

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