Eve Online Corporation Website

Eve Online Corporation Website
Gaming group on Eve Online requires assistance setting up a fully integrated website.


Create a website utilizing the very simple structure of EVE Online API information to fully integrate a membership application, skill sheets, POS manager, teamspeak 3, and forum to provide convenient information gathering and security.


Website Layout: A basic HTML layout with simple graphics. Must accomodate a Main Page, Forum, and Application.

Forum: Forum API Registration is already running. Forum API registration must create an account on Teamspeak 3. The code for that already exists. Forum API registration must also create an identical account for the POS Manager, which also already exists.

Application: Application must consist of several simple fields, and must require API User ID and API Key. Submitting the application must create a forum post in an application section. The API User ID and API Key must create a character skills lookup on an already existing skill sheet lookup system, which is also included in the forum post so that character information is easily available without using multiple interfaces.

POS Manager: POS Manager is already up and running. The username and password needs to be generated by the forum when the API Registration is complete.

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