Zynga Type Game – Farmville

Zynga Type Game – Farmville
Zynga Type game

We are looking for PHP programmers who can program our games without totally screwing our players over because of there total inabllity to program.
We recently had over a half a million players screwed by our current programmers on a quest to retreive a Hot Rod Seeder.
Now we don’t have a fix to correct the problem and our customer service staff is blowing off everyone who got screwed, because they don’t give a flying <expletive> on whether our players achieve the rewards they earned or not.
We enjoy putting out updates that keep our players informed that we can tell them anything we want but the truth about our networking and software design issues.
If you are into totally screwing over our game players, reading about how angry we make them, and you dont give a flying <expletive> about them either, then your perfect for this job.

Please send resume and why you want to help screw our game players over.


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