Clone Java / Php E-mail Script

Clone Java / Php E-mail Script
I’m looking for someone to this “Disposable E-mail” website script.
A working version of the script can be found here:
The Script originaltes from here:
I have tried to buy the script directly from them but they have not updated the site in years.

In addition to the exact clone, I would need a solid CAPTCHA code added when users want to send e-mails. I would also like to limit users to sending 5 e-mails per ip address, per 60min and a maximum of 20 e-mails daily.
I would also need an admin section to the script.
As one admin function, admin should receive an e-mail when these maxes are hit with all info.

Here are some areas I found which will help you with the files and script:
(I won’t post all as I’m sure you know how to find the rest.)

The code sells for only $29 with installation.

Please let me know if you can do this and how long it will take you.

Thank you!

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