Oscmax And Flash Project

Oscmax And Flash Project
I’m willing to pay $130-$200 for this work. It must be done in 18 days or less. My client has an oscmax template he bought and a look he wants (and has had made for the homepage), but this is not the final design. The design will need to be changed to whatever he wants. The oscmax templates was just bought to save time for you all in programming.

There is some flash work that will be needed to be done.

Scope of work: e-commerce site which has been designed with a custom
shopping cart and is mostly completed, needs to be finalized in order to be 100%

Work includes: minimal additional coding, corrections to some existing
coding, minor cosmetic design changes, and some adjustments to
functionality, increasing loading speed, assuring 100% security, adding
gateways to shopping cart (QuickBooks compatibility required), and
adjustments to allow for mobile accessibility to site.

Here are some more issues regarding Flash. Search engines don’t like Flash either. Their spiders can’t read anything contained in the animation. When they come to index the website they are looking for text, not graphics. If the first thing they run into is a Flash intro screen then the spiders will almost always immediately leave the site and go elsewhere looking for what they do like. If we will go with Flash we are going to need your help so the spiders could see round it.
Some important items which we want to be certain our site has. “White-Space” in general, white-space is the cornerstone of good website design. Keeping the background areas where our information or products will be displayed white or another light / pale color. Dark or oddly colored backgrounds distract visitors from the information and also can make it difficult to read. Background images are also sometimes a big don’t for the same reasons plus they can make pages load more slowly. Colored text can be used, but only sparingly. Contrast is key; otherwise it can be become very difficult to read. Try to use colored text only to emphasize important information.
We also want the name of our website, domain name, or business name to be prominently featured somewhere at or near the top of our pages either within our logo or near it. And it should fit within the typical boundaries of the page. If you will make it too big or it contains too many words then it will stretch our pages so wide that most visitors won’t be able to see the whole page unless they scroll sideways. Very annoying; and definitely not good website design.
We also want you to automatically include a second set of navigational links at the bottom of all our pages. Regardless of where you choose to put them try to keep the text on the buttons or in the links as short as possible. Anything longer than one or two words may cause that part of our layout to be too wide and crowd our content area.
We would also like to make sure that you use a percentage option when setting our site page width setting. The percentage options allow the site to automatically expand or contract to fill the computer screen up to a specific percentage of the screen width. (see yahoo.com)
Using percentages as the site width setting will make it easier for our site to look its best on as many different computers as possible. However, there is still the potential for problems. You should still check our site in various screen resolutions after each time you add new pages or content to make sure nothing is overriding the percentage option you set. For example, if we put a very large image on a page that prevents the page from contracting for smaller resolutions then visitor’s browser won’t be able to accommodate the percentage setting the site is telling it to use. Images and other graphics cannot automatically resize themselves on the fly based on the visitor’s computer resolution. Site page boundaries can expand and contract based on the percentage width setting, but only if the images and other graphical content give it enough room do to so.
And below our important points regarding the e-commerce part of our site which we want to share with you before you begin working on the product.
Providing enough information about the product; including prices and shipping costs, before the checkout process i.e. disclosing the price at the start as price, is a major issue when considering a purchase. E-commerce shoppers are possibly using our site to save time. So they will appreciate having the price disclosed sooner than later. This helps them finalize the purchase quickly.
We do not want to not ask customers to fill forms at checkout, asking customers to fill registration forms when they are placing their order is bad strategy. The process of filling the form can disengage customers from completing the transaction and you lose a sale. We need to use a creative way to do this see our three checkout options. Maybe you can improve on this or come up with a better idea. (Our One Page Checkout Idea)

Another important objective is making the website interactive. Giving shoppers the option; to participate in online quizzes and polls. Asking for feedback on products we think is another good way of involving customers as well as improving our services. To be able to insure a good customer experience we should evaluate the experience of real live customers shopping on our Web site, capturing the customers’ behavior and feedback along the way. Armed with these customer insights, we can put our efforts into improving what matters most.
We feel aesthetics must balance utility, colorful visuals, multimedia and flashy fonts will make our website look attractive. But the look needs to be elegant and not cluttered. We would like for you to give us your design input to balance aesthetics and user-friendly features.
An additional feature which we consider of utmost importance is fast loading pages, effective search features, and an intuitive site hierarchy; enable shoppers to complete their purchases efficiently and happily. The website should load quickly. A website that takes ages to load not only loses customers, but also reflects badly on the quality of its products and services. Customers should be able to access the item they want quickly, or they will probably look for another site/vendor.


Brief Overview Of Requirements

Designed Website to generally replicate woot.com zazz.co.au. catchoftheday.com.au. as to content only

The store will sell one item weekly and one or more additional items of less importance but also limited quantities and thus we will need the ability to pre-program set pictures, description, and price of each item on a regular basis so that the item will change at the exact time desired. We would also need to have a preview of this to see how it will look on the site live. We also need to clearly link this to a web merchant, and will thus need a shopping cart style design that accepts credit cards as well as pay pal. Stats will be required, including when product is gone, (see woot for reference) it will display certain stats, and also prompt the user to purchase one of the additional items, which can also be purchased before product is gone.

Designer should be familiar with online store design. Standard E Commerce Solution highlighting a DEAL of the Day type of product with limited quantity and time frame.

Website will be a complete eCommerce System which will target to Selling virtual and physical products.

CSS based design and strong Web Standard Support such as use of strict XHTML 1.1, Web 2.0, etc.

Website need to be accessible from popular Platforms like IE (6.0, 7.0), Firefox (1.1, 1.2, and 2.0) and Safari (latest version).

Payment processor Integration

Pay pal (Express checkout, simple checkout) or pay online through the website with any gateway

Admin will manage Mailing and Notifications.

Gift Certificates and Discount Coupons integration (Still Questionable)

Customer profile with billing and shipping address.

Product Catalog with image gallery.

Quick and Advanced Search.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Users should be able to register themselves on the website,

User forums and blogs,

Check shipping status.

Cart Section


Admin can add/edit/delete product, add product to deal, update price, quantity etc

Admin will be able to maintain (add/edit/delete and then submit) members and their profile details.

Admin will manage email / notification templates

Admin will manage Orders, shipment and Payment Processors.

Need reporting on orders, shipping, invoice, members, vendors, product statistics, and member’s activity statistics.

Admin will manage newsletter for email marketing.

Further to our understanding, we would request you to kindly provide us more information on admin/user roles and capabilities required to be developed, details on functionality required to be developed for shopping cart, forum and blogs, information on type of integration required for shipping feed

Testing & Deployment

Test Planning
Functional & System Testing / Fixing
UAT Fixing
Final Deployment

We need to develop a new website (not one that’s adopted from a standard template used for various sites and purposes,) with very professional & aesthetic design.
We need experience in PHP/MySQL, ASP, .NET, JSP, Perl , AJAX etc.
We also need experience in developing e-commerce websites, intranet and experts in CMS like payment integration (Authorise.net, Varisign, Paypal, Ikobo, 2CO, Protx etc.), XML data feeding etc.

The site needs to be secure & work fast, speed in loading and utilization is essential

It also needs to be protecting our data from visitors; where visitors can only see the products in GUI.

All transaction need be done at Business and Service layers which will be hidden from the visitors.

The site should be using secure PHP framework (not everything on same script).
It has to be W3C compliant HTML, CSS or similar and JavaScript for coding and highly optimized pictures, graphics and Flash animation for frontend.

All codes should be validated. We prefer hard code for all pages so we should get a fast loading page, error free and cross browser optimized (website working on all browsers). Also we will need support for any bugs for next six months.

We are also preferably looking for an ISO 9001:2000 certified Web Designing, Development & Internet Marketing Company.

Detailed Specifications

Front Page Requirements

Tabs/Buttons or any other creative thought or design on front page

Home/Sundays Catch
My Account
Write Us
What’s The Catch

Front page should include (boxes, buttons, or some other creative idea (you can use your vast imagination)

Sign In.
Catch Countdown
Side Catch
Upcoming Catch
Past Catch
Payment Acceptance System: Site should convey security & hacker safe.

Description Of Item: A picture of the item being sold, also 3 small different views of the picture. (Not an object placed on a white box in center of page (something more creative) also sees catchoftheday.com.au Zazz.com.au ,for concept.

Name Of Product

Catch Me:! (equivalent to buy it)

Page should also include:

Rate This Product
Discuss This Product

Also check out catchoftheday.com.au as to their approach for when an item is almost sold out; the button becomes like bitten up and beneath you see the Skeletal bones of the fish. We need a similar concept but of course more original not copied and slightly changed; that when the inventory of the product gets reduced the button (or whatever we will be using, possibly some kind of fish) “catch me”! should work (flash, animation etc.) in a fashion where it reflects the product reduction as it sells out.

If a Marquee box will fit with your conceptual design we would like to include it. (Check catchoftheday.com.au for Marquee similarity)

Page should also provide for:

Product Info
Product Stats

(see woot.com for reference)

It should also include:

RSS Feed
Notify Me
Tell A Friend = share this catch (see cute feature at catchoftheday.com) be imaginative and colorful

Rate This Website

We also would like to see 2 advertisement boxes

On the bottom of page we should have a button Top that when you depress it should take you back to the top.

We would like the bottom to match top tabs (if it has no impact on design).

This is the basic consistency of the front page.(should incorporate all informational and functional features of zazz.com.au catchoftheday.com.au and woot.com) using a complete new, neat, clean, old fashioned, homely, warm, yet with a modern touch (something like the redesigned Volkswagen beetle car) functional, and using some flash, and possibly animation, fast loading design

Front page should also have a Bookmark feature as in catchoftheday.com.au

Front page scroll bar should be color of our front page.

Explanation of Each Of The Front Page Wording

Sign in:

Sign In Box – original design needs to look sharp

Following information to be requesting.

Sign In:
New Member Sign Up (Optional)
Remember Me
Forgot Password/ Username
Reset Password /Username
Site should indicate that it is not necessary to sign up.

Upon Sign in the following information should be requested from the visitor;

New Member Sign Up / Create Account

The following verbiage should display when you click on Sign up/Create account:
By creating an account at Sunday’s Catch you will be able to catch faster, earn points, gain access to orders status, order history, email notification when specials and new items become available.

Please choose your username carefully as it may be displayed if you are the last purchaser. An email address is not a suitable username.

Email Address:
Confirm Password

Subscribe to Newsletter (Checkbox next to it, or similar idea)
Notify Me (Checkbox next to it, or similar idea)

Button or your creative idea for signup

When the visitor finishes entering his information for sign up we would like a new page stating Congratulations “username” you are now part of the Sundays catch group, and it should redirect the page to the front page. (Again you can use your imagination for a better concept, same goes for all forthcoming concepts)

When the visitor is signing in the entire box “sign in” should be removed and there should remain displayed the visitors “sign in name/username” and a button next to it Sign Out.

And when you hit sign out it should take you back to the front page with the sign in box showing up.

Forget Password/Username should have following information request from the user

Forget Password/Username

Please give us any information you know we will supply you with the rest. Two items are mandatory.

Email Address

Reset Password/Username should have following information request from the user

Please tell us what you want to reset

Username – Please put a checkbox next to it (or similar concept as noted above use your creativity and ingenuity to create something original beautiful and exclusive)

Password – Please out a checkbox next to it (same as above)

And whichever checkbox the visitor indicates, should open up on “same page”

Old Username
New Username
Email Address

Or if visitor hit checkbox at reset password it should open on “same page”

Old Password
New Password
Email Address

On the bottom of page a note that email address is required, so we can send the visitor a new email of the new username/password.

When the visitor finishes entering his information a page should display stating “Your information has been sent to your email”, and it should redirect the page to the front page.

Catch Countdown:

Should contain the following information:

Time Left: 10 Hrs 18 Min 5 Sec. Left
The time should be live, meaning the seconds should move instantly not only at refresh.

Below that we need the picture of a clock (or anything similar that you can create) which will display the time left to buy it

Quantity Left: Please make a Diameter Clock (or creative similar idea) from Full to Empty and it should keep on moving as people are buying (we should have the ability to adjust inventory manually)

Last Caught By: Visitor-name

Side Catch:

(see catchoftheday.com.au small fish for reference)

Upcoming Catch:

Time To Upcoming Catch: 10 Hrs 18 Min 5 Sec. To the new catch (this is the total hours in a week 168 hours)

Notify Me When It Becomes Available (Which should request the visitor his email address and when visitor enter his/her email address it should display a page “Thanks! you will be notified when new items become available” and it should redirect visitor to the place he was before.

Past Catch:

Small Picture of last item sold
Price Sold
Last Caught By: Visitor
Discuss It (see woot.com for explanation and similarity
Try To Catch It Again (only visible if still available)

When you hit try to catch it again it should open to a new page, which, if it will be still available the visitor will be able to buy it, possibly at a premium

Every week at 12:00 midnight the currents week item should move automatically to Past catch with all the above mentioned buttons/features.

Company News:

See Zazz.com.au news section for concept.

Advertisement Box:

2 boxes appropriately placed on front of page

When you hit on the advertisement it should take you at the link that will be specified in the admin section.

Payment Acceptance System:

Should show all cards we take and secured SSL certificate conveying that site is safe to surf and buy, Hacker safe etc.

Rate This Product:

As customer rate the product the average rating should change & be displayed instantly on the front page.

Discuss This Product:

If you signed in it should take you to the forums page with all posts where you can add a comments and if you not signed in then it should ask you

Are You A Member? Please Sign In


And it should take him to “Posts Page” where he can add a comment

New Member Signup/Create Account

When visitor hits on the above it should open Signup page as explained before. And after he completes signing up it should take him to a posts page where he can add a comment.

Also see woot.com for reference.

Product Info:

Should give information on the item being sold like woot.com product stats.

Product Stats:

Follow woot.com its great (we need all statistics as woot.com has them and it has to work instantly, meaning it has to be connected to the item database so it will update itself as buyers are buying.

Tell A Friend:

Your creative design, Minimizing new pages openings and link openings possibly a simple box on same page which asks for email address and friends email address and a button “send” which when visitor will hit the button it will take him back to where he was before

Notify Me:

Your creative design, Which should request from the visitor their email address or it should have a option to Notify Me through SMS Text Message and when visitor enter his/her email address or his/her SMS Number it should display a page “Thanks! You will be notified when new items becomes available” and it should redirect visitor to where he was before. Also please note same as above “Minimizing new pages openings and link openings just simple and to the point”

RSS feed:

See other sites for similarity

Rate this website:

Check out delight.com for reference they have a box “what do you think” something similar) No need be a member to rate the site.

We would also like for visitors to be able to leave a comment or post, about anything, or about the website.

2 advertisement boxes:

Should be controlled thru the admin section which will be discussed later.

Tabs: (or your concept)

Home/Sundays Catch = Takes you to the front page
The same is when you click on the logo on top it takes you to front page

Blog = please follow woot.com for concept.

We also need some advertising on the side of the blog as woot has.
Make sure to change the design and color it shouldn’t look like woot. However it has to be as simple and easy as woot is.

Forums = Follow woot the community as guide please make sure to change design and colors

My Account = If the visitor is signed in the page should contain the following information

Username: Should indicate the visitors name
Password: Should be typed in asterisks like this **********
Email Address: Should indicate members email address.

Next to each of them should be a check box “change” which when activated, should open on “same page” a box where you can change the info for that checkbox.

It should also have a checkbox for newsletter

If the member has entered once his billing shipping information it should have a checkbox to change it.

If the member has never entered his billing/shipping information it should ask the following questions:

Please give us your Billing/Shipping Information, or click update now. (Shipping/Billing Information Required At Checkout) also should question to verify if shipping address is the same as the credit card billing address.

Shipping Info

Address Line 1
(Street address, P.O. Box, company name, c/o)
Address Line 2
(Apartment, suite, unit, building, floor, etc)
State: Please Make Drop down for All States and also a checkbox for International Buyers where it will open a text page where the Visitor will enter all his shipping information

The visitor should have an option to enter more then 1 shipping info; please make a checkbox or similar for the visitor, if visitor activates it, then it should open on same page again, with all questions for shipping info.

At checkout the system should ask to which address should it be sent.

Payment Info


Card #
Exp Date
CCV Code

Billing Info:

Address Line 1
Address Line 2

Please Make Drop down for All States and also a checkbox for International Buyers where it will open a text page where the Visitor will enter all his shipping information. Also whether the shipping information address is the same as the billing address on the card

After all information is entered we need a button “Update Now”

If the Visitor is not signed in

Page should ask him

Are You A Member Please Sign In


And it should take him to My Account Page

New Member Signup/Create Account

When visitor hits on the above it should open Signup page as explained before.

Write Us = Creative idea (see 3 sites for basic concept – woot.com catchoftheday.com.au zazz.com.au)

What’s the catch = Follow woot as guide for design.

The following is our concept; use your imagination to find a better structure

Catch Me: (equivalent to buy it)

Should open a page like (equivalent to buy it!)

You should have 3 buttons on bottom of page

Button # 1 Catch It – Existing Member – EZCatch

So if visitor is signed in then he just clicks Catch it where he will be directed to next page where page will display all member info and ask visitor to confirm or change

And if visitor is not signed in then on same page there should be the Username and password boxes where visitor can enter them and then be directed to, as above

Button # 2 Catch It – Non Member – Want To Become A Member – Make It An EZCatch

Page redirects to “My Account” Signup page which asks visitor all info and then when visitor completes My Account Signup Page it will redirect to next page which will display all member info and ask visitor to confirm or change

Button # 3 Catch It – Non Member – Guest – Don’t Want To Create Account – Vanilla Catch

Page redirects to a one sheet page which will ask visitor minimal information like Credit Card info and shipping info and buyer info. And when he enters all information page redirect to next page which will display all info and ask visitor to confirm or change.

When he hits on next page confirm it will give visitor a confirmation number and receipt also it should email receipt to visitors email address.

On the last catch when visitor buys without signing in just as guest – it should come up after he completes transactions and he gets confirmation a line which explains the benefits of signing in. and a link to signup.

If a member signs up he should be getting at sign up 25 points and at each buy the member will earn points. Please put it in at the checkout catch it page.

Make sure computer keeps record how many points each member has at sign out catch it, it should be displayed member points before this transaction, and after this transaction.

Admin Section:

Entire web site should be available to be modified, changed or removed from the admin section. As well as the information and advertisement – meaning the wording and the heading should be able to be changed from the admin section, the product name and the entire information box or square.

We would like also to be able to add a box or a marquee or a wording, so in order to do this I like it should be something like this:

Add new:
HTML Link: Check box
IF answered yes then it should open a text box where to enter link
Picture: Browse…

Meaning that all side information should be able to be turned on or off from the admin console and it should be able to be modified to any size or text or html links.

Just the past catch should be automatically updated when past item is finished or time has come to the end. And also this box should be able to be controlled from admin console

We also need a option in the admin section to add or remove the information, for instance if we want to close the side catch we should have a checkbox to turn it off, and it wouldn’t show up on the site and vice versa if we want to add a box we should have the option to add another box what ever size we want and whatever content we wish to insert.

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