Upgrade Creloaded 6.3 To 6.4.1

Upgrade Creloaded 6.3 To 6.4.1

I have a very customized web site (shop holly days dot com) that is currently running on Creloaded 6.3. I want to upgrade to Creloaded 6.4.1.

***Please view the web site before you make a bid. Again, this site is very customized and everything must work 100% when you are finished upgrading. No errors on the site or during checkout, etc. will be allowed. ***

It might be easier for you to start fresh with a clean install of Creloaded 6.4.1 and then add in each funcationaly/feature. I will leave that up to you. Some features currently used on the site are:

here are some that I can think of right away:

1) gift registry
2) drop down menu
3) SEO pages
4) one page checkout
5) light box
6) fade images (on home page….images rotate)
7) there is a font/image sample that shows the text that a client chooses in the font that they choose (see this page for an example: www DOT shophollydays DOT com/staci-luncheon-nc-p-1061.html). It shows up any time there is an attribute for font/text.
8) the boxes around each product and product category (the blue ruffle box)
9) search box
10) subscribe to newsletter box
11) Buy one get one free (shown in Admin under Product Catalog, then under Get 1 Free)
12) referral source…when someone signs up for an account, they have to choose how they heard about shophollydays.com. They either choose from the following choices:
Birmingham Kids’ Directory
Craft Show – (please specify)
Friend/Family – (please specify)


The site needs to have SEO links and Metatags, etc.

You will need to keep a changelog so that we can easily know the changes in case of a future upgrade.

***Please make it so that we could easily upgrade in the future as well without having to manually change so much code.***

Another programmer that I REALLY enjoyed working with did a great job, but has not finished the job and I can’t get in touch with him for a long time. So he has already STARTED some work which might make your job easier. Everything (lightbox, drop down menu, home page image rotation, font/image sample, etc. have already been installed. He just hasn’t finished it.). I can provide the URL to his work. I have since had another programmer start the job, but did not finish.


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