Zen Cart Multi Site Install

Zen Cart Multi Site Install
We require a freelance to implement a cross domain checkout with the multisite module for zen cart.

The functionality is available in the multisite module, we just require the implementation,

We basically have 2 sites domain a and domain b, they both use the same zen cart database and the multisite module is installed and working without any problems, what we require is the functionality so that a if a customer on Domain A wants to use our card payment method that they are redirected to domain B to complete checkout

So on Domain A the user will log in with their normal credentials, (these are shared already on both domains) select their shipping option and at the payment method stage they will have the following options

Pay via Paypal

Pay Via Bank transfer

Pay via Credit card (with Domain B)

If the user selects Pay via Credit card (with Domain B) the checkout data will be forwarded to domain B and they will complete checkout and pay for their order through Domain B

We would be able to implement this if both sites were on Domain A but as they are different domains, we need to pass the data via a cookie or something similar, whichis what we need help with,

Both sites are on the same server, and currently share the same IP, however this may change and they may be on separate IP addresses

Ideally we need someone who has good experience of Zen cart and of the multisite module

Aslso our customer order information page is not working correctly so we need this fixed also

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