Create An Online Course

Create An Online Course
Some background information
I currently deliver a one-day Training Course which is divided up into 3 separate one and a half hour to Two hour mini workshops.
I have all of the material in word document and PDF format for each of these mini workshops.

I have attached one of these documents to this posting for you to look at.
I also already have a website set up to market each of these Training Courses.
Here is one of them

What I require is this
That you take the materials and create an online learning course. So that students can register and pay and take themselves through the 3 modules ( one of which is attached to this posting)
With clear stages so that they and we can gauge their progress.
I also require there to be some sort of system of questions and tasks that they do to complete each of the four modules so that they demonstrate that they have taken on board the knowledge and achieved the learning’s.
When they have finished the four modules I then require them to indicate to us that they have completed the course by hitting some sort of submit or completed button.
Which would then generate an automatic certificate for them branded with their name, the date, the title of the course etc
(we can design the certificate)
It is also important that these students can save their work on a regular basis so that they can return to it and pick up where they left off.

Where payment is concerned. That is when the students pay for their online course
We are also already set up with merchant accounts and the ability to take money online.
You just need to create the online forms for payment ( our IT people will finish off the payment bit)

We will pay only by Escrow.
50% will be deposited into escrow when we appoint you
The other 50% will be deposited into a scroll and paid on the successful completion of the job.

I would like to see some previous examples of similar work you have done
There are many public domain online learning products that I am sure you could use to make this job quite easy

When we have chosen you for this job we will then supply you with the first three word document is to create this course.
If you do a good job we have had three other identical courses you to work on.

So that I know you have very red this briefing. When you place your bid please put the word “learnings” in your bidding

Looking forward to working with you

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