Three Mock Ups

Three Mock Ups
Take a look at, it’s currently using a standard theme that is minimalist.

I have attached the logos here (full color, black only, white only) for your use. The primary color should be #9b5c27 (as seen in the header area), the rest is up to your creativity.

Based on the logo, you can pretty much see that we like jeans. But of course, we don’t sell jeans. You may get the full info on what we do from the website.

Idea: Since they doing CMS for $299, bring across the message that everyone can afford jeans. Cheap and afforable and yet durable.

Do sent me 3 mock up asap. Will talk from there

The person with the best designs will be selected….the mockup can be in picture form….please make sure u use the logo and pictures that i attached. You will only be paid if ur mock up has been selected..

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