Magento – Script Fixes

Magento – Script Fixes
PROBLEMS since we have moved the web folder to a different location:

1. FACEBOOK INTEGRATOR: I have installed latest version of Facebook Integrator extension ( there is some kind of java script error at front end /checkout/onepage/ when I enable this feature. This feature must work seamlessly.

2. CHECKOUT PAGE FORMATTING: front end /checkout/onepage/ page need to be modified with template matching buttons and must show correct buttons on all browers. currently show no “continue” button and formatting looks bad on IE6.

3. GOOGLE CHECKOUT API: Google checkout is not working properly. API callback URL is not working corretly.

4. Help Desk Ultimate ( email is not parsing back to the ticket.

5. GIFT REGISTRY: register link with the product page link is not working.

6. ALERTS not sending. does not seem to be sending any emails.

7. WordPress blog is missing template design that was there. It is not linking for some reason.

8. I can’t get export customer info to work properly. I can’t have the file to show on the correct folder.

Must complete the project WELL WITHIN 3 days in the order it is listed. Must show progress and communicate well via MSN.

All original files must be backed up. “upgrading” to a NEW version in attempt to fix anything is NOT allowed. Any changes made MUST not touch the core files and not be disruptive for other features. I use EE magento. You will be dealing with a LIVE site.

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