Modifications To Thunderbird

Modifications To Thunderbird

I recently switched from Outlook to Thunderbird and I would like to hire a programmer to make the following custom modifications to Thunderbird:

1. Right now, when I send a calendar invite, I get a pop-window asking me about outlook compatibility. I need this reminder disables and also tell me where i can find this setting to change manually if needed.

2. Right now, in the address book, when I select a name, a preview of that contact’s information appears at the bottom of the page. Please modify this preview so that I can cut and paste an address with this format from that preview pane:

John Doe
123 Main St.
Anytown, NY 99999

3. Folder Sort – I need Thunderbird folder view modified so that if I sort by a column title and then type several letters, that the script jumps to the place on the page that match the letter combination (Example: “hea” for healingcrystals)

– Is this coming in V3.0?

– Secondary Sort – modify Thunderbird folder view to have a secondary sort. If the folder is already sorted by date and then we sort by recipient, then I want the page to display all of the recipients in date order. Right now, if the emails are sorted by date, and I click on recipients, the page resorts, but the recipient emails are not in date order any more.

4. Then, when going to the address book and viewing the Contacts list, modify the script so that if I type a letter on the keyboard from this view, then by default the contact view scrolls down to the first contact name that begins with that letter. Please write the script so that also it recognizes if I am typying multiple letters for one word such as:


and this will go to the beginning of the contacts beginning with ABC such as:


Right now, Outlook currently has this same functionality that I am trying to mimic.

5. Modify the number/list icon in the fckeditor so that the numbers use the same font/size as the body composition settings. Right now, I set my body to be 12pt Arial and the numbers show up in Times New Roman.

Please post to the PMB with your questions and comments.

Thank you,

Shawn Adler

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