Site Similar To Groupon

Site Similar To Groupon
We are planning to launch a site, that behaves similar to the site (= a group coupon buying service from the US).
Therefore please check out their site before biding, to get a better understanding of the functionalities and the appearance they have implemented, because our site will be very similar to that one.

The site should be based on the CMS Drupal. We need to be able to control the site through an interface, with a secure login, so that an administrator can login.
For completeness i will list some features that will be needed to be programmed for the platform. of course these are not all, so please see for more details. Pls only bid on the project, when you can fulfill them:

– Ability to create multiple administration account with different rights/priviledges
– Ability to definec multiple cities/platforms, so the user can switch between the cities.
– Each city has its own categories (around 4)
– Within each city/platform, we need to be able to create new coupons independently
– Each coupon needs to have the following fields: ID, couponprice (that needs to be paid), original price/value of coupon, description, Pictures/collage, website, location of coupon (address), etc (see also
– we need to be able to set a maximum number of units that can be sold of one coupon. If the limit is reached before the coupon runs out, the deal closes and no-one can buy it anymore.
– every coupon should have a startdate when the offer is opened to the public and an enddate, when the deal closes (incl. time)
– If a deal is on (falls in between start and enddate, and has not reached its maximum buyers), it is promoted to the mainpage of the city/platform in its specific category
– When a deal is over or sold out before, it is displayed on the mainpage, but users cannot buy it anymore
– We need to have the ability to create an HTML email, which is sent to all buyers of a coupon, that includes the full name of the buyer and their emailaddress. The email will be used to print it out and show to the shop owner to get the discount.
– Site needs to allow to view display page for any coupon
– Site needs to allow me to see (through the interface), all buyers & their contact details of any coupon
– site needs to allow to save all buyer infos into a CSV file
– site needs to allow to click which dead deals to display on a “prior deals” page for that city/platform and which not
– site needs to allow to select one column or two columns to display prior deals and total displayed.
– Displays only specific information to the expired deal in the prior deal view but each should be clickable to a special prior deals directory displaying the normal page but not allowing the item/offer to be purchased.
– Transactions should go through PayPal
– Auto-Generated Customer Email with stylized graphics-included coupon upon purchase completion.
– translation of frontend into german language (the wording can be done by us)
– Need template driven front end (customer facing)
– sharing on facebook, twitter and email

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