Stick Rate Statistics Joomla

Stick Rate Statistics Joomla
Client needs a statistics mod to show the life of their customers over a 30 week course.

Needs to have a graph to show an average of users time subscribed to the site and should have the weeks on the bottom axis of the graph.

Additionally the graph should have analytics type statistics that can also determine where the member originally was referred from and be able to rank the referral sources and have a list showing the referral sites which provide the visitors which stay subscribed for the longest.

It should also be able to show what the “Stick rate” is, the “stick rate” is the average life of the subscribed members up until now.

This should be able to be accessed either within the admin panel or on a separate page with a login to see it.

Additionally it should be able to use the information in our database such as age, location and referee site and show which age groups stay subscribed longer, which locations have the highest stick rate and which referal sites provided the longest staying customers.

There will need to be daily progress updates and your english skills will need to be good.

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