Multi Purpose Data Centre Lab

Multi Purpose Data Centre Lab
Project type: Documentation for a proceadure.

I would like to do my data centre UNIX and Windows Servrs LAB for testing and demostrating multi Operating systems and mutil applications.

– the installation will be on intel PC , desktops.
– thinking to install one os : windows 2003 and the second solaris 10
– applications !! suggest !!
– web servers.

well , i would like to test some services from my lab , like web servers , apache , tomcat , DNS , DHCP , LDAP, proxy, mysql if needed, virtulisation if possible , other basic services.

what i want , an expert in data centre feild , who can deisgn my testing lab, again , we will use intel PCs, i prefer the number of PC will not exceed 2 , so the expert should deisgn my LAB , OS installation , configuration , web servers installation , application installation , any customisation , how to test ,, details are appreciated. We also install two OS on the same PC ??? you may tell me the tool of virtulisation and how to use it>>

in all cases , you need to give the link from where to download all the tools or application we are using in the lab so i cna download the same please.

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